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This is my passion. I've been taking photographs and then digital images for years. While always interesting to me, I never realized my gift until about 4 years ago when I had a huge cache of images on my computer. Many people made comments about "my work" and finally it dawned on me, that these really are nice.
My goal is to continue to provide quality images for my church and other groups I belong to. They use them on their websites and for promotional materials, brochures, etc.
I attended a class on photography and found out not only do I have a great eye for taking images but equally skillfull with the software to make a nice shot into an even better one. I try to find the shot that has an emotional draw and is also interesting. Maybe a fresh perspective to see something in a new light, allowing the natural beauty to be recognized easier. It's become a natural talent that has been nurtured for years and I'm willing and ready to let my little light shine.
Hopefully as my work becomes known, it will become my full time profession. Thank you for stopping by here. Jim

33 pound Ohio River Bluecat

33 pound Ohio River Bluecat
Caught & Released 2-29-04, I used to fish all the time, hence "mrfish" Which is in my email address.

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All these images are copywrited and may not be used without the expressed permission of Jim Gormley Thank You in Advance, besides, I'm easy, I'll probably let you use them ;-)
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Contact me at: mrfish@fuse.net